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We take a highly disciplined, focused and proven approach to investing. We have the flexibility and resources to tailor an investment strategy suitable for your unique goals and requirements.
Our investment options include customized model portfolios, separately managed accounts,  direct indexing with tax loss harvesting, and alternative investments.
The collective wisdom of millions of buyers and sellers is the most accurate way to determine the price of securities.

We don't second-guess these investors or make speculative bets with your money by investing based on the assumption that stocks are mispriced. Instead, we focus on areas we can control:

Your asset allocation

(the division of your portfolio between stocks, bonds and cash)

Keeping costs and
fees low


Deferring or
eliminating taxes

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we Focus on What Matters

Your asset allocation, low fees, global diversification and deferring or eliminating taxes.
We are one of a select group of advisors authorized to invest with Dimensional Fund Advisors.
Dimensional manages $637 billion in assets (as of March 31, 2021). Its investment approach is grounded in economic theory and backed by decades of Nobel prize-winning empirical research.
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Learn more about how Dimensional invests:
Dimensional at a Glance
Our Cost Is Fully Transparent
Although we offer hourly advice and advice on specific projects, most clients retain us for ongoing advice. These clients are charged a fixed percentage of their portfolio.
Please refer to your Financial Planning Agreement, Investment Management Agreement and/or Dynamic Wealth Advisors’ ADV Part 2A Firm Brochure (which can be found on the Securities and Exchange Commission website by searching under CRD #15136) for additional details regarding fees.

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